Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RBW 2 update

After some discussion we have made a couple of changes, and want to make sure everyone knows what's going..
  1. We are moving the start date to March 1st and weigh in's will be on Thursday's instead of Sunday's. This way everyone can enjoy the week-end and have to recover from said enjoyment :) We will end the challenge on September 1st. 
  2. Sign-ups are currently going on. It is $10 for readers and $50 for authors (all the money goes towards the grand prize). All payments need to made via paypal. Select email and use the We have several new authors and readers this go around. 
  3. All payments need to be made by Feb 20th. 
  4. All groups will have a cheerleader, fitness buddy and trainer
  5. We are working on getting some sponorships from different companies
  6. We are working on a RBW trip for all the past members, and current members to show off their new bodies in 2013.
  7. As soon as we have the button up we will emailing it to everyone so they can put it on their websites (if they have them)
  8. The FB page is up, here's the link
  9. If you are interested in joining us for RBW 2 please send an email to
  10. Don't forget to make your overall Fitness Goal

Heather and Helen

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  1. For the poll, I know as a teacher, our spring break is. Usually in March... Easiest vacay time for me :) and what a COOL idea/ incentive!