Wednesday, January 11, 2012

RBW Round 2

Helen and I are super excited to get the second round of Romance Biggest Winner under way. After much thought and consideration from the input that Ashley gave us and we have made a few changes. We are hoping that these changes will make this a successful round.

One of the things that we have changed is that we have decided on a theme for this round its “Let’s Get Fit” we want to focus on getting physically fit and for everyone to set a fitness goal. This goal can be anything from walking the mall without having to sit down to running a 5k doing a triathlon or even running the Disney Marathon (yes there really is one). Whatever your physical comfort level is.

We are also working to have a personal trainer available for every team. If you know of a personal trainer that would be willing to help out please let us know. So far we have five trainers on board.

Another change we are making is that every group will have a date that they need to provide the daily blog post for. This can be anything from sharing a recipe, talking about their struggles and successes. If each member takes a turn you only have to do it once every six weeks.

We have also changed the weigh in date. We will be weighing in on Sunday’s giving everyone until 7pm Pacific time to have the numbers to us.

We will be doing teams this year again only we will be decreasing the number of people from 10 to 6, with one of those people being an author.

After a lot of discussion we have decided that we will charging a $10 entrance fee to non-authors because we feel that even with paying such a small amount everyone will be inclined to participate fully and work harder.

We are kicking this round off on February 26, AFTER Valentine’s Day so our significant others can give us chocolate and we won’t feel guilty. All dues need to be in no later than February 20th. Several people have asked about paying for scholarships for those that want to participate but due to economic difficulties can’t. IF you feel so inclined you can pay a little extra just let us know how much extra so that we can offer a couple of scholarships to those who are struggling.

 For authors the entrance fee is $50 along with a $10 GC to either Amazon or B&N and 5 books. Authors if you could mail the books to Helen as she is taking care of the prizes that would be great. I know a couple of you are waiting till your books come out as soon as you get the books you want to send please send them to her.  Her address is below.

If you would like to participate please submit your payment to pay-pal select email and use the as where to submit the payment. Also send us an email telling us you want to participate and whether you are an author. If you would rather mail the fee in please send it to Helen.

If you know of any authors or anyone that has a goal of getting shape, losing weight please encourage them to join. The more people we have the better for all of us.

Here’s to a successful Round 2 of Romance Biggest Winner. 

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