Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Week 2 Weigh-Ins!

Week 2 is already here? Wow, that was fast! I have three words for you this week, my lovelies:

Slow and steady.

We will win this race. =)

New this week...thanks to someone who has amazing math skills (*ahem* Lisa Hendrix *ahem*), we think it makes more sense to do the average percentage of weight loss each week instead of the total. However, as of right now we are still allowing each team to drop their lowest number and if a team has 10 people, am alternating in dropping someone each week.

Now here's the fun part. =)

And the winning team for Week 2 is....

Team 9, with an average of 1.57% lost! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You'll be getting free books soon! =)

And I'd also like to recognize our five top individual winners this week--

Helen S. with 3.82%  (Team 9)
Rita Jett with 3.24% (Team 9)
Deb S. with 2.43% (Team 8)
Kati R. with 2.38% (Team 8)
Deidre C. with 2.2% (Team 9)


Week 2 Average of Weight Percentage Lost:
1. Team 9 at 1.57%
2. Team 8 at 1.18%
3. Team 10 at 1.05%
4. Team 4 at 0.992%
5. Team 2 at 0.991%
6. Team 1 at 0.92%
7. Team 5 at 0.81%
8. Team 7 at 0.51%
9. Team 3 at 0.31%
10. Team 6 at 0.00%

    Team 1  
1    Ashley March/-0.34 (*hangs head*) (not counted as lowest percentage)
2    Leanne G/1.25
3    Melanie F/1.26
4    Saralee Etter/0
5    Donna/0.65
6    Laura/0.63
7    Cindy C./0
8    Katrina Latham/1.83
9    Pamela M./1.71
        Average: 0.92% lost

    Team 2  
1    Deb Marlowe/0.56
2    Joely Sue Burkhart/0.94 (not counted as 10th person)
3    Willa Edwards/0.53
4    Sue O./1.72
5    Gina CB/0.46
6    Jessica/1.58
7    Marquita Valentine/1.06
8    Kate Pembrooke/1.2
9    India Powers/-0.68 (not counted as lowest percentage)
10    Jeanne M./0.82
        Average=0.991% lost

    Team 3 (Victory Gals)  
1    Susan Gee Heino/-0.53
2    Noelle Pierce/-1 (not counted as lowest percentage)
3    Lori A./0.55
4    Janet W./0.57
5    Nicki S./1.42
6    Mary C./0.28
7    Pam M./-0.46
8    Heather S./0.49
9    Melanie S./0.15
        Average=0.31% lost

    Team 4 (Fantastic 4) 
1    Camryn Rhys/0.3
2    Maureen Betita/0.77 (not counted as 10th person)
3    Carla F./1.37
4    Tracy P./1.73
5    Michelle F./0.55
6    Barbara V./0.58
7    Phyllis P./0.89
8    Tara/-0.8 (not counted as lowest percentage)
9    Dawn A./2.1
10    Wendy M./0.42
        Average=0.992% lost

    Team 5 (Sparklers)  
1    Lisa Hendrix/1.13
2    Bernadette Marie/0
3    Duo W./0.43
4    Krista G./0.78
5    Terri S./0.94
6    Jackie H./0.9
7    Terri O./1.65
8    Nicole H./0.68
9    Arlene H./-1.03 (not counted as lowest percentage)
        Average=0.81% lost

    Team 6  
1    Mindy Klasky/-0.71
2    Susan Meier/0.57 (not counted as 10th person)
3    Lela W./0.09
4    Melissa S./-2.44 (not counted as lowest percentage)
5    Kate/0
6    Susan C./1
7    Chrystal M./-0.94
8    Danielle G./0.88
9    Carrie Z./0.2
10    Kym/0
        Average=0.00% lost

    Team 7  (Team Awesomesauce)
1    Heather Snow/0
2    Rebekah W./1.61 (not counted as 10th person)
3    Natasha A./-1.12
4    Tammy C./-1.33 (not counted as lowest percentage)
5    Marsha F./0.75
6    Aislynn T./0.74
7    Estela W./1.09
8    Sabrina/1.25
9    Ellen H./1.4
10    Barb M./0
        Average=0.51% lost

    Team 8  
1    Terri Schaefer/0.93
2    Hillary Seidl/0.38 (not counted as 10th person)
3    Lavinia Kent/0.5
4    Abhishek B./1
5    Cynthia N./0.56
6    Sharon M./1.45
7    Laura/0.16
8    Deb S./2.43
9    Paige R./0 (not counted as lowest percentage)
10    Kati R./2.38
        Average=1.18% lost
        Team 9 (The Naughty Nine)  
1    Hope Ramsay/0.72
2    Amber Kallyn/-1.55 (not counted as 10th person)
3    Helen S./3.82
4    Lisa B./-0.61
5    Amber G./0.72
6    Cindy H./1.8
7    Deidre C./2.2
8    Rita Jett/3.24
9    Vanessa Kelly/0.64
10    Sutton Fox/NA (at hotel; not counted as lowest percentage)
        Average=1.57% lost

    Team 10 (Team Tenacious)  
1    Jenn LeBlanc/1.32
2    Amanda Bonilla/0.18
3    Evangelina J./0 (not counted as lowest percentage)
4    Christy O./1.64
5    Rebecca H./0.94
6    Dee B./2.02
7    Joy C./1.63
8    Jamie M./0.7
9    PJ Ausdenmore/0
        Average=1.05% lost

To those who are following along, how about you? How did you do this past week? =)


  1. Congrats to this week's winners! You should be very proud.

    Keep hanging in there and working hard, everyone. You'll make your goals!

    Kat on team 1

  2. Congrats Team 9! And to all the rest of us who are getting healthier day by day.

    I agree, Ashley--Slow and steady and it will stick!

  3. Congrats to Team 9!

    And I'm thrilled that we're switching to averages - I think that will give us greater flexibility as the teams evolve!

  4. Congrats! I'm also happy about the averages...I won't feel like I'm letting my team down as much. :)

  5. Congratulations Team 9!!! WTG everyone....we are on our way to healthier lifestyles!!!

  6. Congrats Team 9! Woot!

    Great job everyone =)

  7. Congrats to Team 9! Keep it up, everyone! :D

  8. Congrats to us all everyone did awesome.. The fact that were all sticking in there and putting forth that extra effort makes it all the more rewarding.. Please keep up the great work and remember were not just rooting for our individual teams to succeed But for our entire group to win there's no I in Team!
    Helen S.
    The Naughty Nine

  9. Congrats to team 9!! As a tag-a-long non team person, am proud to say I've lost 0.65% this week. But am happy because I normally GAIN if I eat a "healthy" amount of caloires. For the past two weeks I've chalked up a small loss eating lots of healthy food and exercising 4-5 days a week. This week I'll crank up the exercise intensity a little more and see what happens. Good luck everyone! And thanks for this, Ashley. I really really want to look good for my June wedding. How long does this last? I've got far to go.

  10. WOW! You guys on Team 9 KICKED BUTT! Congrats!

  11. Congrats on the great loss, everyone!

    And Carey--a huge congrats to you! This is scheduled to end January 5th, 2012. What will happen afterward...we'll see. =)

  12. Congrats all!!! WTG! Hopefully soon there will be more communication and support for each other now that we r all getting into the swing of things :D

  13. Congrats Team 9! Way to go! :)