Tuesday, July 19, 2011


In a previous post I wrote for www.healthywriter.com about my personal motivations for starting Romance Biggest Winner, I mentioned that my husband and I enabled each other to lead unhealthy lives. Fortunately, my husband is very supportive of me most of the time and he's excited that I'm doing Romance Biggest Winner (he's doing his own thing on the side), but then there are the days (such as yesterday) when he suddenly gets it into his head to....*dun dun dun* bake chocolate chip cookies!!!

I have to admit I ate some. *sigh*

And today I'm regretting it. Not because I just ate one or two--that's okay, I think. A little indulgence every once in a while is fine. Yeah...I ate, like, seven. I actually didn't keep count. It was a lot, though.

This is not good. I know it's not good. In fact, it's a throwback right to where I was before we started Romance Biggest Winner.

So today I'm looking to you, friends--what do you do to keep yourself sane and resist temptation when those around you (including your loved ones who do want to support you) present something that's been a weakness of yours in the past? How do you keep from sabotaging yourself?


  1. I guess this is where it's good I don't have a spouse around. And kiddo doesn't bake, so...

    I'm doing well avoiding temptation right now. I noticed this morning there's a yellow cake with chocolate frosting in the fridge here at work. That's one of my favorite treats. But I don't want a piece.

    Okay, that's a lie. I'd love to have a piece. But I won't. I knew this accountability thing was what I needed, and so far, knowing I'm accountable to the other 8 ladies on my team is keeping my disciplined.

    No idea what I'll do when this is over, but I don't see any need to think about that right now. One day at a time.

  2. I've just learned not to beat myself up over it, which took me a long time to do. All the little secret in the world (eating before you went to a party, using willpower (I have none), ignoring the enticing food, sipping water, etc) never worked for me. If it was there, and I had to have it, I just caved and I'd cave in a huge way! I used to feel horrible about doing so. I don't do that anymore. Now I pick myself up the next day, dust off and start over. I stopped beating myself up for being a person who loves food. As long as I'm "good" 90% of the time, then as far as I'm concern the 10% slip-up is acceptable. It's accepting that last part that helped me actually lose 80 pounds. Now granted, it took much longer for me to lose 80 pounds than it would someone who is 100% committed, but I was a much happier person and able to stick with a healthier lifestyle by accepting it's okay to have a bad eating day. (yes, life-longer here. Been overweight since I was a child) So my advice? Forget what you did yesterday, and concentrate on today:) If you feel especially bad about the slippage, toss in an extra workout today, but don't fret over being a person who loves food. Good luck, hon! Losing weight has been one of the hardest things I have ever done!

  3. Urgh...sorry Ashley. I saw the post on twitter, and came over to see what you'd written. Didn't pay attention to the actual site. I see now this is a weight loss challenge with team members, so my comment is null and void:) My advice is definitely more for the on-you-own sort of thing. So I'd throw in an extra workout today and maybe take in about 200 less calories today to offset the calorie intake yesterday. As for not sabotaging, for something like this the stuff would just be banned from the house until the challenge was over. Like I said above, I have no willpower, lol. No help, I know, but I know myself, so it'd just have to be gone:) Or have him make a sweet you actually don't like. It's much easier that way:)

  4. OMG!

    I was just thinking about that this weekend!! I also have a very supportive DH (I actually think this man a Saint, but that's just between the two of us). I was so good this past week; did my 1 hr. treadmill walks, plus took long walks with him; ate all the right foods and stayed away from sweets; DUDE I WAS SO GOOD!!!

    And then while taking one of our late night walks around our town, he stops by COLDSTONE!!! WTH?! Naturally, I shared the cone and the ice cream with him:) He kept saying I'll be okay and that it will help my metabolism...
    Could that be true?!

    Anyways, I'm as weak as you:( but still I lost 2 lbs this week and that just makes me smile. I think once in a while we need to give in, and then just get back on our 'right' path;)


  5. don't freak or beat yourself up -- that will just make it worse as emotional eating starts & the cycle continues to go down. Remember you're human & total denial of things that bring you pleasure isn't any better than wallowing in those things. Remember to take pride in yourself -- in the achievements done: the weight lost to date, that you've been able to resist before (& therefore can again), acknowledging your weakness and the bravery it takes to admit them out loud & work on improving them.

    That being said, sometimes temptation is there all the same so some quick thoughts:
    1 -- out of sight, out of mind (really can work, I've had candy bars in the freezer & forgot they were there for a month or so at times)
    2 -- look, breath deep, & turn the other way repeating that you don't really want or need it -- mind over matter, say it often enough you start to believe it; picture the goal of a new outfit looking fab for the holidays or special event that's coming up (if there to far away, make one up that's sooner so you can't tell yourself how much time you have to recover)
    3 -- get moving (busy hands can't reach for that no-no item) or work on something requiring lots of concentration (busy brain won't daydream about that no-no item)
    4 -- if actually hungry or craving, reach for something good instead that have similar characteristic that appeals of the no-no item (ie: is it the sweetness, how about some berries w/ just a small dollup of whip cream if really want something sweet; rich & creamy texture, how about a small container of healthy low-fat or fat-free yogurt) what is it that appeals so much about that particular and what healthy item will meet that requirement
    5 -- do some math -- if I eat xx item I'm taking in xx fairly worthless caloreis which means xx extra time doing xx to burn them off out of only x unallocated time for the balance of today -- what does the math allow? is it worth it?
    6 -- if all else fails, allow yourself a small treat (repeat small treat), take the small portion away from the main item to enjoy it (further away the better), eat it slowly to savor it and get the full benefit of the treat
    7 -- repeat 1-4 :)

  6. gamistress66 U ROCK!!

    I'll do all 1-7 ;) Thanks a bunch!


  7. I won't be much help. Boyfriend's kids made snickerdoodles. I ate two.

    The best thing to do is to not let one not-so-healthy choice turn into a whole day or week off-plan.

  8. gamistress66 is right about all of that.

    Especially #5-- do you see how long it takes to walk/run off a choc chip cookie's calories? If you're on the treadmill sweating & huffing/puffing & watching the counter tick down in sloooww mootionn... it puts it all in perspective. Plus, consider how empty those calories are in relation to the same amount of calories in something like some whole grain bread.
    But stop beating yourself up about it too--

    The last time I lost this weight, here are 4 tricks I had:
    a) Asked my Hero to eat it for me (you may not want to do this)
    b) Held the plate w/xxx, took 1 bite, savored it, and completely destroyed the rest of it on my plate. Think about it... part of cake's appeal is its beauty. Now, make it into a mess of crumbs & glue all lumped all over your plate, & it's not so appealing anymore.
    c) This one may disgust you, but if you're desperate: chew and spit it out. Do NOT swallow! Sometimes you just have to have the taste in your mouth. It's mental and it's not unhealthy like purging. Just enjoy, then spit it out.
    d) Brush, floss, gargle> Make that mouth as clean as possible so you don't mess it up. Take a loooong time.

  9. I don't resist temptation, and that's a huge part of my problem. Hubby invited guests over on Sunday and encouraged lots of desserts and junky food. I tried to stick with the salsa, which is fairly healthy...except for the ridiculous amount of tortilla chips that went with it. :( I'm paying for that this week.

    On the other hand, if I drink water every time temptation presents itself, I've noticed I'm not hungry.

  10. I don't resist temptation either. I do have will power (usually) so I can just say no. Fortunately my hubby doesn't bake. Unfortunately we're both lazy when it comes to cooking and make the quick and easy dinners which usually aren't good for you. Today we had Subway.

    I just got back from vacation so I'm still getting back into routines. This weekend I plan to plan out my menus for the following week so I know I'll be able to be good (for the most part) all next week.

    Definitely don't beat yourself up over having the cookies. My motto is you have to give into temptation once in a while. If you don't you're likely to go nuts the next time and eat even more.

  11. Even if I'm munching on something I know I shouldn't, or when I'm not hungry, I stop and ask myself why I started eating. Nine times out of ten it was an instinctive habit because I was bored, or stressed, or wanting to avoid something. I can't say I've conquered this issue, but I'm more cognizant of reaching for food (or worse, starving myself to counteract that extra eating) when I could be doing something more productive or dealing with how I think about food.