Thursday, July 21, 2011

Guest Blogger: Pamela M. from Team 1

Get You a Guru

There are voices in your head… hear them?

What are they saying right now?

Psst…loser! Don’t you want something chocolate or  that bag of potato chips…?Does anybody ever listen to you?...  Ben & Jerry do! They’re waiting for you in the freezer…. Wow! Can’t you do better than that?... Here, this cup of mac& cheese will make you forget….Whoops! Not enough to save for another meal… better eat it all now, nobody else will know or care. Do they ever really…?

Yep, it’s a destructive reel that goes through my head frequently.

Denying myself and changing preferences and habits is HARD. And exercising with this intensity when I’m not used to moving this much is HELL.

I’m dripping sweat and I smell bad and I look even worse. And then I go upstairs …

And smell pie. I want pie. I need pie. I.Must.Have.The. PIE!!

But Denise won’t let me. She’s my Guru.

I’m working hard to embed her winning tape in my brain and dub over that ‘loser’ tape above.

When I’m grunting with those #&%*! ab exercises, her words “You can do it! You can do it!” come to me. When I’m huffing & puffing, I hear, “Get them up! Get them up!” (my shoulder blades)

Do you watch the weight loss shows on television? Personally, I’m enjoying Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition on ABC, with Chris Powell. Not just because he’s a hunk of muscley goodness – though that makes it pretty enjoyable – but because he looks for the person who’s buried under the flesh. He asked a beautiful young woman this week who weighed in at over 450 pounds, “How did that happen?”

This is from ABC's Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, with Chris Powell. A deleted scene of a girl who lost 160 lbs & did a triathlon.

No judging. No recriminations.

Just… how did you let this flesh overtake your body and bury You?

I let it happen through my own Personal Pity Parties.

Whenever Life happens, It hits the fan, Murphy’s Law is reproven to the millionth power, and the neon ‘L’ manifests itself on my forehead, I follow my sugar trail. Then, I beat myself up even further.

But… I’ve Guru Denise speaking to me now.

Do you have a Guru of your own? You need to get you one! (<- Read that with a southern accent y'all!)

Pick your Guru wisely. You want simple words that will come to you like muscle memory. When you’re on the track fighting for that next step, and the next and the next, you need to hear that voice pop in your brain to push you to the finish line. So you’d better LOVE your Guru.

Go online if you haven’t got a Guru of your own, or get acquainted with your On Demand feature or FitTV, or your WiiFit or whatever videos you have (my Denise Austin tape is ten years old - yep, I’ve still got a VCR to play it!).

Do you have a Guru already? Who is it – share with us in the comments!

Those who don’t have a guru are looking for one & may want to try yours out.

What are the words your Guru gives you when you need them?


  1. Much as I don't have a muse, I don't really have a Guru. BUT, I also have a Denise Austen pilates tape that's nearly 10 yrs old and I still have a VCR to play it! LOL! (Technically, it's VCR and DVD in one, but that counts.)

    The voice in my head has definitely changed since we started this. She was a master rationalizer before. "One candy bar isn't going to hurt anything." "What's one more slice of pizza?"

    But now I've educated her. Or me. Whichever, but it's working. Now the voice says, "That candy bar is 220 calories and that Fiber One brownie on your desk is only 90. Screw the candy bar."

    Yep, I'm recording a new track and it's about dang time.

  2. I am in the processof changing that voice also, most days I do really well but the ones that I don't I try not to beat myself up over it.

    Terri I love the 90 calorie Fiber One bars and they satisfy the chocolate cravings

  3. I love those FiberOne bars too.

    Denise talks on that Pilates tape Terri! I think I own the same one. A phrase from a coach will come in handy one day.

    Yay! We're changing out our headtapes!

  4. There's been some troubles with the link above, so here it is again:

    Rhonda participates in a triathlon with Chris Powell, who says "We're in this together."