Friday, July 22, 2011

These are the Good Times

This morning as I was getting dressed, my 8-month-old toddler was crawling around, chasing me. Right now I am her favorite toy, and I have to admit--I love it. When she sees me and immediately goes into full squirm mode or gives me one of her huge grins with her bottom two teeth showing, my heart melts.

I think I've mentioned this in passing before how one of my main motivations in losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle is so I can be healthy for my daughters. My oldest daughter is now 2 years old. In the past when I've thought about losing weight, I kind of thought I could take my time. After all, she won't even go to kindergarten until she's 5. But the truth is that 2-year-olds are way more active that I thought. She wants to be moving constantly--riding her trike (or rather, sitting on her trike while we push it), walking, running, playing, spinning, dancing. And the way the baby is moving, I have a feeling that soon she's going to be right along beside her.

And it occurred to me this morning as the baby was crawling all over the place and pulling herself up that THIS is important. THESE are the good times. I don't want to take my time over the space of a few years to lose weight. I want to be able to enjoy these moments right now, to make them the best they could be. When my toddler wants to play ring around the rosie for half an hour, I want to be able to indulge her and not get out of breath. I want to be able to walk for an hour outside with her comfortably instead of half an hour (although with the weather like it is now...heh). I know I posted earlier this week about the horror of the "before" picture, and I have to tell you the truth...I'm at an age where popularity contests don't mean that much to me anymore. If people like me because I'm skinny, great. If they don't, I can live with that. Right now, nothing motivates me more than being able to fully engage with my daughters, because THESE are the good times, and I don't want them to pass me by.

What about you? Why is it important to you to get into shape NOW, instead of waiting for that elusive "tomorrow"?


  1. Ashley, You are giving your children the gift of a fit and healthy mom. I've been struggling with this my whole life...the worst of it the last ten years. I've finally gotten into a groove with exercise and diet. You can do it. You have the best motivator.

  2. That's great motivation, Ashley. I'm at the point now where there just aren't all that many tomorrows left. It really is now or never. I hope to retire in 7 or 8 years and I want to enjoy my retirement.

  3. I understand what you mean, I haven't been able to do all those things u mentioned. I've been too fat for too long and now I am fighting back. I just needed more support to get there :)

  4. I want to feel like a princess on my wedding day. I want to be able to keep up with my fiancee he's fit and I'm so not.
    I want to be healthy when I finaly decide to have children - I want to be able to keep up with them like you mentioned.
    I want to be healthy for ME! I need a lifestyle change not a diet, I need to make exercise important and food choices matter. This is the start of something amazing. I know all the things I should do, but I just need to finally apply them to my life and ACTUALLY DO THEM.

    Thanks for asking me to be a part of this journey and for pushing me a little along the way. I couldn't have asked for a nice group of ladies to work with! :)