Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trainer Tuesday
To go along with my last post for Romance Biggest Loser; this week’s post is going to be about motivation.  I ask you what is motivation, according to Webster dictionary motivation means a motivating force, stimulus, or influence.  So I ask you again what is your motivation, for some it could be as simple as losing a few extra pounds; for most it is to lose a lot of weight.  Your motivation could be I want to look good in the bikini or those skinny jeans. 
Motivation is a little more than I want to look good in those jeans.  Motivation is what is going to get you off of your butt and do something about your weight, and about your eating habits. You are overweight for a reason, 1) you did no exercising and you ate your way to your weight, 2) you were too busy to exercise, and 3) your genetics made you this way.   I don’t really believe in number 3, my family is overweight and look at me I am a personal trainer.  I feel that the majority of people fall into number 2. 
We as humans in the 21st century have become so busy with all that we have to do we don’t have time to exercise.  So your first step to motivate yourself is to make a goal.  This goal can be a short term or long term goal.  I would suggest making your goal to lose weight; know this would be a long term goal.  Because most people do not lose a lot of weight overnight, you know have a long term goal.  Break that long term goal down into manageable or short term goals, such as if you need to lose 30 pounds of weight break them down into smaller portions, like 3 pounds a week.  3 pounds a week are easier to do then the 30 pounds at one time. 
When it comes to your diet you need to keep yourself from running to that fast food place because it is easy. There are many different foods you can either have at home or take with you to work or running around that can be healthy and makes you feel full longer.  Once you start eating right it can then move over to your family.  I know for us I refuse to make three different meals at night, I make one meal for the family and it is usually something that is healthy.  It is just easier to make healthy then unhealthy. 
Some of the motivation objects that work is; you can buy that pair of skinny jeans in the size that you want hang them in a place that you will see every day.  You can take a picture of your body right know and hang that in the mirror you use on a daily basis.  Know this last one most of you do not want to do but believe me it will work.
 I cannot tell you what motivates you that is all up to each of you.  Your motivation could be different then the person next to you, so I am going to leave you with this saying that I heard.  Motivation is an emotion that allows you to have the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of whether you feel like it or not.
One of the main reasons people fail to achieve their goals is because of inaction. It's easy to say or think about what you are going to do but actually doing what you say takes commitment. It's not that people have a hard time taking action once. Anyone can motivate themselves to get to the gym to work out one time. It's being able to consistently take action that is the challenge for most people.

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