Monday, March 19, 2012

Personal Journey by Lela Whitus
The most recent journey really began about seven years ago after my first husband and I divorced.  No divorce is fun, and I was in a state of huge self doubt.  I had lost almost fifty pounds while my husband was at the DPS academy. Working out every day,  twice a day to make him proud of me when he graduated… We will just leave it at “things didn’t work out as I had expected.” The weight came back. Fast.

I made a bargain with myself in 2009 that if I could lose the weight, I would treat myself to a solo vacation over Spring Break to Cozumel.  I Journeys? I was asked to create a blog post about my journeys! Oh, goodness, this could be doomed for disaster before it is even begun.

made it. I was down from 242 to 180, and I spent three relaxing days by myself in another country.  Over that summer? Yep. You guessed it, It came back, not all at once, but it has been sneaking up here and there.

I decided to join RBW, round 1 last July, but I short changed myself. I was four months post op from brain surgery, and failed to exercise. I (mostly) monitored my eating, and took the Phentermine pill that doctors can still prescribe.  I was sidelined again in October when I had eye surgery and was instructed “no pressure” so as to not blow the transplant. Drat!  But I came out of round one twenty or so pounds lighter.

So here I am, two weeks complete in round two. I am trying to visit the gym at least five days a week, possibly twice a day to keep my metabolism running. I started round two 36 pounds above my high-end goal of 170, a number I hear is healthy for a 6’ tall woman.  My motivations this time around? My health, for one. When you are faced with  the possibility of not being here for your kids, it rattles you. So, my health is a MAJOR motivator! My kids are another; I want to see graduations, weddings, and grandbabies… just not yet J  My last motivation? I am tired of being lonely. Life in the DFW area is men who want “athletic and toned” so that’s what I will become. God willing and the creek don’t rise.

Okay, that’s enough maudlin from me J  My new journey has already begun!  WHEE!!!!

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