Friday, March 23, 2012

Family Exercise - Wii Just Dance 3

My children are young (6 and 4 years old), and neither my husband nor I are outdoor people, so taking walks, running, biking, or going to the park are not in the cards. Plus, most of what I enjoy doing for exercise isn't family friendly until the kids are older. However, last Easter, we *did* find a way for most of the family to exercise together: Wii's Just Dance 3. This game has become a must-have at every party we have with neighbors, too. We sweat, we laugh, and we challenge each other. At the current time, I'm in an ongoing battle with our neighbor's 18-year-old son for high score. As a former dancer, I have a slight advantage, but he's young and skinny and a little ADHD, so he's got a ton of energy. That's probably why I want to win so badly. It has nothing to do with my overdeveloped sense of competition. You believe that, right? *grin*

We now have the Kinect, too, and I hear the game is harder on that, because it's registering your entire body, not just your hand. I'll have to let you know how that goes, if I ever get the game for that system. In the meantime, the kids and I will swashbuckle our way to health via Puss in Boots. 


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