Sunday, March 25, 2012

Turkey Tacos

In our family tacos are a stable of life, we eat them at least once a week. Because of this we have had to look for ways to make them a bit more healthy, ok a lot more healthy. Here is one of the ways that we have made them a bit more healthy.

1lb Jenni-O Taco Turkey meat
1 cup quinoa (add in a pinch of cayenne to the cooking quinoa)
1 bag of colelsaw mix
3 limes
salt to taste
cojito cheese
corn tortilla shells

Brown the turkey meat. Follow the cooking directions on the quinoa package adding in the pinch of cayenne. In a bowl combine the coleslaw mix and the juice of both limes, add in the salt to taste. The coleslaw mixture is best if you make that before you start the meat. Heat the corn tortillas on a camal (if you don't have a camal you can use a frying pan)

Make the tacos as the tortillas come of the camale. Layer the tacos meat, quinoa, cabbage, cheese.

These are a favorite in our family and we almost never have leftovers.  

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