Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week 14 Weigh-ins!

The winning team for Week 14 is....
Team 2 Dieting Divas with a total of 4.51% lost! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You'll be getting free books soon! =)

And I'd also like to recognize our five top individual winners this week--

Camryn Rhys with 1.78%  (Team 4 Fantastic Four)
Cindy H. with 1.71% (Team 9 Naughty Nines)
Pam M. with 1.7% (Team 3 Victory Gals)
Jackie H. with 1.5% (Team 5 Sparklers)
Kate Pembrooke with 1.22% (Team 2 Dieting Divas)

Individual Weight Loss Challenge winner: Camryn Rhys with 1.78%
Third month winner: Helen S. with 7.98%!


Week 14 Total of Weight Percentage Lost:
1. Team 2 at 4.51%
2. Team 3 at 4.24%
3. Team 5 at 3.94%
4. Team 10 at 2.59%
5. Team 1 at 2.03%
6. Team 7 at 1.73%
7. Team 8 at 1.67%
8. Team 4 at 1.37%
9. Team 6 at -0.43%
10. Team 9 at -0.2%

    Team 1 (Pink Ladies)  
1    Ashley March/0.23
2    Leanne G/0.43
3    Melanie F/-0.6
4    Saralee Etter/0
5    Donna/0.77
6    Laura/-0.96 (not counted as lowest percentage)
7    Cindy C./0
8    Katrina Latham/1.2
9    Pamela M./0
        Total: 2.03% lost

    Team 2 (Dieting Divas)
1    Deb Marlowe/0.18
2    Joely Sue Burkhart/1.06
3    Willa Edwards/0.9
4    Sue O./0.29 (not counted as 10th person)
5    Gina CB/NA (not counted as lowest percentage)
6    Jessica/1.14
7    Marquita Valentine/0.05
8    Kate Pembrooke/1.22
9    India Powers/0
10    Jeanne M./-0.04
        Total=4.51% lost

    Team 3 (Victory Gals)  
1    Susan Gee Heino/-0.26
2    Noelle Pierce/1.03
3    Lori A./0.56
4    Janet W./-1.18 (not counted as lowest percentage)
5    Nicki S./0
6    Mary C./0.06
7    Pam M./1.7
8    Heather S./0.58
9    Melanie S./0.57
        Total=4.24% lost

    Team 4 (Fantastic 4) 
1    Camryn Rhys/1.78
2    Maureen Betita/-0.5
3    Carla F./-0.79
4    Tracy P./0.62
5    Michelle F./0.16
6    Phyllis P./-0.81 (not counted as lowest percentage)
7    Tara/0
8    Dawn A./-0.58
9    Wendy M./0.68
        Total=1.37% lost

    Team 5 (Sparklers)  
1    Lisa Hendrix/0.2
2    Bernadette Marie/0.5
3    Duo W./0.47
4    Krista G./0.46
5    Terri S./-0.68
6    Jackie H./1.5
7    Sutton Fox/-0.78 (not counted as lowest percentage)
8    Barbara V./1
9    Arlene H./0.49
        Total=3.94% lost

    Team 6 (Skinny Sixes)
1    Mindy Klasky/NA (not counted)
2    Lela W./-0.47
3    Melissa S./0
4    Kate/-0.38
5    Susan C./0
6    Danielle G./-0.71
7    Carrie Z./1.13
8    Kym/0
        Total=-0.43% lost

    Team 7  (Team Awesomesauce)
1    Heather Snow/0
2    Rebekah W./0
3    Natasha A./0
4    Tammy C./0.15
5    Marsha F./0.38
6    Aislynn T./0
7    Estela W./0
8    Sabrina/1.2
9    Ellen H./-0.95 (not counted as lowest percentage)
        Total=1.73% lost

    Team 8  
1    Terri Schaefer/0
2    Hillary Seidl/0.4
3    Lavinia Kent/0.6
4    Cynthia N./-1.17 (not counted as lowest percentage)
5    Sharon M./0
6    Laura/-0.99
7    Deb S./0.66
8    Paige R./0.15
9  Kati R./0.85
        Total=1.67% lost
      Team 9 (The Naughty Nines)  
1    Hope Ramsay/0.27
2    Amber Kallyn/-0.79
3    Helen S./-0.87 (not counted as lowest percentage)
4    Lisa B./0.73
5    Amber G./-0.42
6    Cindy H./1.71
7    Deidre C./-0.83
8    Vanessa Kelly/0
        Total=-0.2% lost

    Team 10 (Team Tenacious)  
1    Jenn LeBlanc/0
2    Amanda Bonilla/NA (not counted as lowest percentage)
3    Evangelina J./0
4    Christy O./0.43
5    Rebecca H./0
6    Dee B./0.97
7    Joy C./0.92
8    Jamie M./0.27
9    PJ Ausdenmore/0
        Total=2.59% lost

To those who are following along, how about you? How did you do this past week? =)


  1. Holy crap! REALLY???? Wow. I had no idea I would be first. That's a shocker!

    Congratulations to Team 2 for winning!! :)


    Congrats to all of you that don't have a MINUS in front of the #'s!
    Now for all of us with that MINUS in front....

    WTF?! WTH?! What are we going to do?! We need someone to kick our A.S.S in gear!

    Now, I need a volunteer to kick my proverbial B.U.T.T and HARD! I'm slowly slipping, people!
    I'm in a rut! I'm depressed! I stopped walking every day, I started cheating with an ice cream (or two} and there's no one to tell me to stop

    I need some motivation....but can't find it...



  3. Melanie - Stop calling ice cream "cheating" and plan a little bit it into your diet (or for you others, chocolate, potatoes, or whatever it is you think you "can never have again.") If you find yourself jonesing for a Dove bar, figure out where you can cut calories earlier that day so that the Dove Bar fits in. And if you slip up one day and have that "extra" bit without compensating beforehand, cut back the next day.

    I've had DQ Blizzards several times while on this challenge. But I planned ahead and saved up calories through the day. And I had a mini banana split Blizzard (290 cals) instead of a medium French silk pie (900 cals! - gad, I used to do that every day with the kids!). Btw, you can also get fudge bar for 50 cals, or a no-sugar added Dilly Bar for 190 cals. (It pays off to look this stuff up in advance.)

    There's no magic. This is pure physical chemistry. Calories in have to be less than calories burned. 3500 cals = 1 lb of fat, so you have to eat 3500 less calories than you burn each week to lose a pound a week. You can do that by cutting calories below your basal needs by 500 cal/day, or by upping your activity by a similar amount. Doing both will take off twice the weight, or two pounds a week. Losing more than that is probably not sustainable over the long haul.

    Eating or not eating a certain food isn't going to change that equation. Naturally, you need to eat the proper foods to meet your nutritional needs, but if ther'es something you love, figure out how you can enjoy it too, IN MODERATION, as a part of your diet. And then do so without guilt.

    For me, it's chocolate. I love chocolate. I CRAVE chocolate. And if I try to do without, eventually, I binge my way through 3000 calories in an afternoon. So to stay happy (and be able to write) I buy extra dark chocolate in tiny sizes (Godiva Pearls, or Hershey Dark Squares are easy to find examples, but I also buy more exotic types) and then I eat just 25 or 50 calories of chocolate most days. But they're calories packed with deliciousness, and I consciously savor each bit, so those little nibbles are far more satisfying than a big block Hershey Bar (332 cals) stuffed down while watching TV.

    That doesn't mean I don't slip. This weekend I ate a big plate of Mexican food, then fell into a box of ItsIt bars—and put on 1.5 pounds that I'd just taken off. So Monday and Tuesday, I cut way back, and most of it's gone. Again. But I know that this is a long haul thing. It took me 20 years to put on 75 lbs, I don't think it's unreasonable to take a year to get it all off.

    So there's my advice: Count calories. Figure out what you really like, then plan ahead so those foods can fit in with your calorie goals. Look at your intake over time and don't beat yourself up over a day or two (I tend to average over 3 days to stay within range). Rejigger things as necessary. You're not going to get it absolutely right the first time. If you fall off, jump back on.

    And never give in--never, never, never, never.

  4. Where did you buy the Godiva Pearls? I haven't been able to find them this year.