Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guest Blogger: Pamela M. of Team 1 Pink Ladies

Athletes don't call it "dieting." 

They call it "lifestyle," "choices," or "being healthy." They eat to live, run, bike, skate, ski, lift.... Every morsel that passes their lips are analyzed for calories, proteins, carbs, fats, and whatever vitamins and enzymes will help them to squeeze one last idget of energy out of their muscles, hearts, and lungs. 

Athletes sweat out as much water as they gulp down.
Elite athletes going for world records carefully balance their fluid to solid intake ratio to avoid race day bloat and optimize recovery. 

All fancy words to say, they're very, very, VERY careful of what they eat and drink prerace. Because it's not uncommon to toss your cookies on the track- one way or another. 

I've linked below to articles in Outside, Bicycling, Fit, and Prevention magazines. They've written outstanding articles on food, nutrition, and fuel for your body. 
If you're not interested in the articles, go for the outstanding photography of the scenery. Some muscle men and surfers might have photo-bombed the pics, but they're not too hard to look at. ;) - Foods with high water content - Breakfast fuel - Foods to eat that work for you,not against you.

Fitness magazine - Control cravings 

Spark - Healthy eating secrets to success

Prevention magazine - 30 minute meals that are diabetes friendly

And a recipe from Spark People cooking for Mexican Crock Pot Chicken - easy and healthy. 

Don't forget to keep lots of celery (negative calorie food), carrots, kale, and fruits on the counter or in the center of the table for snacking. And try to keep those hands busy with weights at the desk. If your handweights are close by, you're more likely to use them. 

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