Thursday, September 1, 2011

Guest Blogger: Pamela M. of Team 1 Pink Ladies

Once upon a time (actually 16 years, 1month, and 7days ago) I had two of the sweetest, most adorable blonde haired, blue eyed baby boys. 
Their worlds revolved around me, Mommy,... and in the hours when he was home, Daddy. 
Since I don't live in the same state as any of my family, I didn't have grandparents to babysit, or aunts or uncles or... anybody. 
It was all me. Me Me Me Me Me.... 


You know the answer to that! 

And even as they grew, it became early Saturday mornings at the soccer fields or Little League games, late nights and weekends with Scouts, and now, high school sports. I've sold (and eaten) the concession *crap* to fulfill my Band Booster obligations, and I've sat on so many bleachers at JROTC Drill Meets that my butt and back conform to the hunched over, feet on the next bench position naturally. (My butt never flattened though - good? bad? hmmm....) 
I also have so many team t-shirts I need to make quilts for everybody this Christmas (and yes, I am asking here and now for tips and instructions). 

But, little by little, they grew up and became - mostly - independent young men (except for laundry and doctors' appointments). 

So, while I have the time to run/walk laps around a track in the mornings, YOU (aka mommies of ittles) don't! 
Your time is not only limited, it's valuable. So you need some tricks to squeeze in exercise moves. 

Ta - Daaa! Here are some online resources - quick videos & workout plans -  to the rescue! 

Spark People Quick Fire Team: 
Here's what they're about: 
"A QF Challenge - A - Day to take it Up a Notch & Keep Your Furnace Stoked to Burn that Fat! EASY, No-Pressure Zone Team.You Set the Pace for your Radical Results & Unique Workouts on this Team"

Here's an example of a daily QFC from Tuesday: 
Power Walkin~~JumpingJack 

Walking is something everyone at every FITNESS level can do.... you may even start a new family tradition ..WALK IT OUT! Most every environment you can find yourself in a hall, on sidewalk, in long room etc., that you can use. Take Your QFC Outdoors, or to the MALL Window shop while Power Walkin!!!! Take the Stairs at the mall!!! Make It Work!.....You may be surprised about how winded you get from this QuickFire Challenge. Make it count! Pick up those feet high and stretch it out. Put all you have into these QuickFires! These little bursts of energy will surely QuickFire Up Your Day!Track under each under CARDIO : QuickFire Yourself to a 10 to 15 minute fast walk. QUICKFIRE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: IMPORTANT to BREAK UP the QuickFire Challenge! Space out throughout Your Day!Jumping Jacks are a QuickFire Standard. Your Jumping Jack QuickFire Challenge is a great aerobic and toning exercise that gets the heart pumping and helps improve cardiovascular health.They take no equipment and can be done in relatively small spaces and spikes your heart rate quickly.Jumping Jacks will help to tone your body up, by burning off those excess calories.SHOW ME HOW LINK QUICKFIRE CHALLENGE TO DO 100 in sets of 20 or 25. Kick it up a notch and do 120 in sets of 30. OR, Add just 1 more to each set! ...You can sneak the JUMPING JACKS, just about anywhere, anytime...Make time to head outside for power walk.. for and extra burst of energy..BONUS LINK

There's even links to take you to instructional videos! How cool is that?

QFC offers forums to check in or ask questions about the links or exercises. If you haven't joined SparkPeople yet, give it a try. It's free and it's loaded with resources and encouragement from people supporting and finding success with each other. You can blog, join several teams, even meet up with teams that are local to your area for walks or runs. Someone always understands and answers back. 
I'm there as pinkie07 - Look for me! 

Exercise TV: 
I lovelovelove Exercise TV. It was founded by Jake (Body by Jake) in conjunction with New Balance and 
It's supported by AT&T, Comcast Cable, Cox, TimeWarner Cable, Insight, Blue Ridge Communications, LodgeNet, and TiVo. 
It's on television, online and on mobile apps. 
And most of it is FREE! 
Here's a link to free online workout videos (but included on the same page are more workouts for pay). In 1minute 22 seconds you can do the Hundred Sit Ups Challenge with Kenneth Hogan, or the 20minute Sweat Workout with Holly Perkins (yes, I sweated. You will too.). 
They're on tv also, but if you're already at the computer and due for a break, why not switch over to the site & give one of these a try? 

There are tons of exercise videos on YouTube; you just need to find the instructor that meets your needs and doesn't irritate you. 

Here are some quick ideas to help you get started: 
  • Warm up first. Jog in place, do pinwheels, squat and rise, bringing your hands overhead. 
  • If you don't have hand weights, water bottles or soup cans are good enough to start with. 
  • Don't like to get on the floor? Use the wall! Stand with your back flat against the wall, and slide down to a 'chair' position. Hold. Lift one leg, then the other, 10seconds at a time. 
  • Or do Wall PushUps.
  • Use a balance ball to do sit at the desk, to do crunches, to work biceps, to do jackknifes (advanced). 
  • Use resistance bands for anything. 
  • Walk in place, then jog in place. Now, skip rope - in place - imaginary rope. Boxers do this. Boxers look good. Jumping Jacks. Anything you can do to move in one place, do it. Do 100 somethings. 
  • Hula Hoop! (something I wish I could do)
  • Play with your kids - get on the floor & do reverse crunches with your tot on your knees. We called this the "Kissing Game" when my boys were little, because I'd kiss them! 
  • So, mine aren't little enough to play the Kissing Game anymore (heck, I'm lucky if I get a peck on Mother's Day!). Wherever they are, whatever they're doing, figure out a way to be active. I'd walk the soccer complex; now I walk with other moms at the park or lap track when Fins is training. 
  • MOVE for 10minutes EVERY HOUR!!
What ideas do you have for quick workouts? Any sites or TV stations you can share? Leave them in the comments section!

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