Friday, August 5, 2011

Guest blogger: Pamela M. from Team 1 Pink Ladies

Where does it come from? 

You don't have to tempt me or entice me to eat; I can pretty much eat anytime, anywhere, and anything at the drop of a hat. 

Because there's always a holiday or achievement to celebrate, a friend or loved one who needs cheering up, or a reason to procrastinate. Heck, it's always 5 o'clock somewhere, right? And cocktails are only one way to mark that point - Little Debbies or McCafe work for me just fine (in case you're wondering, there's 280 calories in a 16oz Caramel Mocha McCafe, according to - YIKES! Little Debbies...? Um, let's ...just...not go there, 'k?)

When I was born, the nurse told my mother, "She's a big one!" There -- slapped with the self fulfilling prophecy there at birth. When I was old enough to sniff dinner cooking and smack my lips and say, "Smells good!" imitating my daddy, my mother shook my head and said, "Oh, we've got a problem." 
I was off bread and milk by my ninth birthday. Mind you, in 1970 there weren't all that many choices for whole wheat & whole grain breads we have now, and milk was always the whole variety or skim - no 2% back then. 
And though my weight was on the high side of normal for my age and height, I still appeared much bigger than my Twiggy friends. I had a healthy appetite to boot, and a mother who couldn't accept having a heavier child. 

So was it the deprivation at an early age that taught my body to crave carbs and sweets? 
Did I simply not get enough education on portion control and healthy foods? 
Maybe it's because I dieted in high school, throughout college, and on into my early twenties? But it's never stuck... my little fat cells still are my biggest demon to control in my life... my Self. 

It all boils down to that concept of control, doesn't it? Not just willpower in a negative sense, restraining myself from eating a whole bag of Oreos, even with the knowledge I'll be sick from it....
But the control of myself,  my choices that dictate my success. 
From, the three most appropriate definitions of control : 


 [kuhn-trohl]  Show IPA verb, -trolled, -trol·ling, noun
verb (used with object)
to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command.
to hold in check; curb: to control a horse; to control one'semotions.

to eliminate or prevent the flourishing or spread of: tocontrol a forest fire.

I am not in control of my foodlust when the aroma of dark chocolate hits my nostrils, or the anticipation of my anniversary date with my Hero compels me to study the menu at Pappadeaux's Seafood Kitchen. 

Or am I? 

Maybe I can learn to substitute coffee when the chocolate craving hits -- it's a caffeine craving after all, that can be tweaked with sweetener. 
Maybe I can plan ahead with the online menu, bank some calories, and make some better choices instead of succumbing to the aromas and visuals designed to filet our wallets and clog our arteries that much more. 

Out of the definitions, I like #4 the best for my purposes - "to prevent the spread of." 
I'm going to write it down to look at it for my date Sunday. I'm going to remember the choice of dresses in my closet for the upcoming Moonlight & Magnolias Writers' Conference. 
And I'm going to exercise control over my foodlust, because I am better than that cream sauce. 

What do you struggle to control? The 4o'clock munchies, the procrastination picking, the leftover Easter Bunny in the deepest recess of the pantry, the nightly dessert ritual...? Tell me in the comments, and let's master that monster together!

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