Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guest Blogger: Author Susan Meier of Team 6


In my last blog here, we talked a bit about rules. We talked about how there’s anarchy without rules and pretty much figured out that when we’re overweight our bodies are in anarchy – so we need some rules.
I told you about my one rule. Never, ever, ever eat in the middle of the night. I also mentioned that I KNEW that if I got up at 3:00 a.m. and had a snack every night I would need Omar the Tentmaker to create my next conference wardrobe.

Now that’s a visual! LOL

But it’s also motivation. If you look at my rundown above of my rule and why I have it, it’s easy to see that I CAN SEE the bad figure that would result if I didn’t have that rule.

I get a visual image. I see myself huge. Because in truth I know that’s exactly what would happen if I didn’t have that rule.

That’s motivation.

If we’re going to make rules, it doesn’t hurt to attach some whys and wherefores to them.

Drink water every day instead of soda. Why? Because soda isn’t exactly good for you. Water is. That’s a good why. But can you now attach a picture to that? Can you see yourself bloating out, surrounded by empty soda cans? Then see yourself slim and trim with a healthy glow as you drink a glass of water?

Of course you can. LOL. If you try hard enough you can envision anything.

When you’re making rules, you need to dig deep. Not just for motivation like the generic I want to be thin. 

But think hard. Why do you want to be thin? Are you tired of being made fun of. Tired of only finding ugly clothes when you shop. Tired of barely fitting in the airplane seat? And do you feel the emotion when you read any of those things. Can you remember the pain of being made fun of or the disgust of never having anything pretty to wear to a party or picnic or wedding? You need to. You need to feel that pain and remember it!

Or think of the “good” side of the emotion. Not being laughed at. Finding great clothes. Fitting into the airplane seat. And soak in that emotion!

If you make the rule…You cannot eat cake until you hit your goal weight. Not one piece. Not even for birthdays. Not until you hit your goal weight… Don’t let yourself envision a life without cake. Or all the bad times you’ll have at birthday parties. See yourself slim. See yourself running in the yard with your kids and your dog. Or picking out a cute little outfit in the mall with your sister who is proud of you (or envious of you) for being so slim now. Then see yourself at a birthday party, eating a piece of cake. An appropriately sized piece of cake. See yourself leaving the last bite, just because you can…Your stronger now!

We need to have guidelines for how we eat in order to get and stay slim. And the best way to create the rules you need for you is to hook them to a vision and attach some emotion to those visions!

So how do you see yourself? How do you want to see yourself? Can you attach some emotion to that? Like a breath-catch the first time you see yourself in a full-length mirror in the mall after you’ve reached your goal weight?

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  1. Back 10 yrs ago, I lost the weight - 65lbs.
    I remember walking up to the glass doors to Target with my boys to shop. I had on short shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt, and I thought, "Who's THAT girl?"
    My legs looked Good. My arms were toned. I looked... healthy, toned and athletic.
    Now I walk up to those same doors and I don't see her(me) anymore.

    Thank you Susan.