Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today We Begin!

In the past few weeks 93 romance authors and readers have signed up to participate in the Romance Biggest Winner competition. Today we begin!

Each team member is required to weigh in every Tuesday, starting today. Next week the participants will calculate their weight loss percentages and the team representatives will report each member's percentage lost. The team with the highest percentage of weight lost each week will win free books! The individual romance reader and romance author at the end of the competition (January 5, 2012) will win $1,000 each!

I know there are others out there who would like to participate but for one reason or another haven't been able to. I encourage you to follow along with this blog and interact through comments, etc. You can also interact on Twitter through the hashtag #RBW and on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/RomanceBiggestWinner. We look forward to taking this journey to a healthier lifestyle with you! For those of you who are just observers, we would greatly appreciate your continued encouragement and support as we battle through our impulses, habits, and weakness to try to become stronger individuals. We do not see this as a lose-weight-quick scheme, but rather a lifestyle change which includes healthy eating and exercise that will we will be able to maintain once the competition is over.

Now for the topic of the day. I (Ashley March) know that when I've tried to lose weight in the past it's been difficult to just eat healthfully. However, when I include exercise, it becomes much easier to 1) eat the right foods and 2) not overeat. Because of this, I intend to start out with exercising at least 20 minutes every day, with a larger goal later on of getting to one hour every day (taking 1-2 days off each week to rest my body).

Do you have a daily exercise goal? If so, what is it right now, and what do you want it to become in the future?


  1. Adding exercise is going to be the key for me. Besides burning the calories, I know strengthening my muscles will help alleviate the pain in my knees and my back.

    Right now I'm adding at least three rounds on the Just Dance 2 game (which is more of a workout than you'd think) and throwing pilates back in at least 2-3 times a week. I was doing pilates regularly about 8yrs ago and was the smallest I've ever been. Looked and felt great. WHY did I stop doing that?? LOL!

    Good luck, everyone!

  2. What an excellent idea, good luck all xxx I'll be following along for sure! Weighed, and ready to get healthy :)

  3. Ashley, I try to walk every day and do some yoga. It's hard in the summer - not a heat tolerant gal - so I think I'm going to have to focus on the yoga or go for more walks in the evening when it starts to cool down. I try to hit at least 30 minutes a day.

  4. Ashley - Thanks for getting us going! My goal is to exercise for one hour each day, allowing myself a total of two days off each week. (And yes, if I'm a lazy slug on Tuesday, that means that I *will* be working in my exercise on at least one weekend day!)

    My preferred forms of exercise are body sculpting (I attend a great class!), water aerobics, and walking.

  5. First, kudos to Ashley for putting all this together. It's a fabulous idea, and the perfect kind of healthy competition to get me going.

    My left knee went south a few weeks back, and I'm not sure what I'll be able to do other than walk. But walking is such great weight loss exercise that I think it'll do. In fact, I'm about to head off for 30 minutes right now, and I'm planning to work up to an hour 5 days a week, with shorter "strolls" the other two days.

  6. I don't have a exercise goal and am glutton!!

    Kind of hard to stick!! but wish .. I would exercise say for 45 min a day and eat a good meal!!

    with warm regards
    Another Author

  7. Thanks Ashley and everyone for doing this! I am excited about having some support while I attempt yet again to change my lifestyle for the better.
    I'm sick of lucky frumpy. I want to be sexy damn it!
    As for exercise, I'm currently trying to figure out what I am going to do. I live in a basement with not much room. AND it's incredibly hot outside and I just can't take it. But we will see, I have the Wii, some videos, and walking shoes as needed.
    Good luck to you all! And I know we will ALL be winners after this!

  8. No exercise goal just yet but this week I'm going to try and not eat anything chocolate/candy with maybe having Sunday as a reprieve to have one or 2 pieces. Eventually I'm going to work up to 30 minutes of workout a day and then a little bit more each day. Good Luck everyone!

  9. Have started doing some circuit training with my bike and weights and alternate that with some yoga and resistance bands. So far that seems to be working for me. I put In at least 30 min 5days a week and do the yoga stuff about 6 days. I discovered I need a variety so I don't get bored.

    Good luck to everyone!

  10. I love this idea! Let's do away with "writer's butt" or "conference baggage!" I'm guilty of the former and the latter. In NYC last week, I ate two cheesecakes and then came home to Richmond and had another so I had some comparison.

    How do I join?

  11. I've always kept up with exercising, but I slacked off on intensity & let the fitness slide. I used to run 10k's every month, and even checked a half marathon off my bucket list. Today I ran one mile and walked a second mile & felt accomplished.
    My worst area is my middle, so my goal is to do various ab exercises daily. 15-20 min of different ab workouts added to everything else that I do- road bike & run/walk.

  12. I'm excited! I started my food journal and I'm about to take my 4 kids on a walk. No crying allowed (by me). :)

  13. I'm going to try for some form of exercise 3 times a a week. I have Wii fit plus, Wii Golds Gym or Walking to choose from right now. If i can squeeze more than 3 days in a week i will be doing so though. This is where i'm starting anyway lol.

    Lisa B

  14. I'm very excited to be participating! :) Thank you so much Ashley for organizing this for us all.

    I'm going to be adding in some walking and exercises I can do around the house. Also, monitoring the amount of junk foods I eat (Coke and chocolate are my biggest downfalls).

    This will be a challenge, but with everyones support I think we can all achieve our goals!

  15. I'm one of those who didn't join because I didn't want to hold back a team with low numbers- I have 20 pounds to lose. But I am psyched and will follow along if I can.

    Trying to look HOT for my wedding June 1st 2012. Goal is to exercise 1 hr/day- with 1 or 2 days off. My other goal is to actually eat healthily and not resort to extreme calorie restriction. Good luck, everyone! And thanks for doing this Ashley.

  16. Hi Cathy! I just saw your post and will be emailing you immediately.

  17. Hi Everyone!

    I'm loving all the comments--seriously keeps me going!

    Carey--honestly, woman, you were HOT at Nationals. ;) I totally understand what you mean when you talk about calorie restriction. I realized today that I was too low when I started feeling weak and not having any energy. I think it's important to not go overboard, but also to maintain a minimum so we're able to keep up with exercise and general life. So happy to have you follow along!

  18. I twisted my back two weeks ago - my first introduction to my sciatic nerve :( Last night in a moment of RBW Team 2 spirit I told my husband to take me to the gym and I walked for 25 minutes on the treadmill. All the research, doctors, even people with sciatic all recommended walking but I'd been putting it off, now I know better!

    In comparison to the ladies running on either side of me I was practically crawling but by the time I was done I was standing straight and not limping. Yeah, we were both surprised.

    So my exercise goals for this challenge -

    Immediate Goal
    Keep walking - increasing speed, time and incline as my back gets better.

    To be followed by
    Our routine of cardio / weight circuit that we started in January (and got lazy by March). 90 minutes 3 times a week and then yoga / Pilates on the days in between to keep my body limber and my back straight.

  19. Gina, this is FABULOUS news! I'm so glad that 1) your exercise is making you feel better and 2) you're exercising! Way to go! (And you inspire me, too. I don't have any health issues currently, but if you can do it, then I know I can do it, too.)

  20. Hello to all, and a HUGE hug to Ashley for doing this! I'm so happy that you've included me in this journey :)
    I blogged about my goals at


    and 1 hr a day will be for me...

  21. I somehow find myself behind the curve in learning what to do. Sorry to be so high maintenance, but could you post the link to the instructions on where we record our weekly weigh-in and the other things we have to do to comply? Apart from having stomach flu and some disheartening news over the weekend (as well as the passing of my deceased sister's birthday - who would have been 60), I'm just out of sorts.

    But I really really really need to participate in this! I know it will mean a brighter future!

  22. Ooops, never mind. found it.

  23. I found how to "Follow" the blog, but how do I join a team? Record weighr, goals,etc. I'm afraid I'm further behind the curve than SueO!
    My exercise goal is to attend my aqua therapy program 2-3 times a week without making excuses, even on the days that I feel really really bad. My first appointment is on Tuesday of next week